Nicholas Bingham joins Galaxy Executive, from London
Press Release: May 12, 2020

Press Release: February 26, 2020
Magnesium in Electric Vehicles:

Press Release: 10/19
Magnesium Automobile Technologies

Galaxy Trade and Technology celebrates
the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of Modern China

The Galaxy Story

Management Development
Meeting with Vice-Mayor
Yulin: Garden Tour

China leads the world in production of magnesium
a strategic metal
for industries of the future.

Galaxy Trade and Technology is a US-China Joint Venture,
providing full access to about 20% of the world’s magnesium supply.

• Substantial production capacity, guaranteed precision, quality
• Wide variety, efficient supply chain, one-stop global delivery
• Green energy, environmental principles
• Joint management: United States and China
• Financial partners: long-term price and currency stability, letters of credit
• Most flexible pricing, spirit of global cooperation

Supporting the goal of ecological civilization,
and inspired by China’s peacemaker, Zhou Enlai.

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